"When my family of four moved from California to New York, a LOT of things moved with us. Jen came over and, even though there were just heaps of random items stacked all over... everywhere, she helped me organize what rooms things should be in and set up spaces and systems for all different things. She is a life-saver! On top of that, she is very friendly and fun to have around. Highly recommend." -Jennifer 

"Jen worked her organizing magic in my very disorganized garage and home office area. She was invaluable in helping me prioritize and purge when needed. She has a wonderful eye for detail and she has the unique ability to transform a state of chaos into organization and purpose. The final results were amazing and the systems she put in place were easy to maintain. I would highly recommend her services." -Meredith

"Room to Room is a life changer! Jen literally turned my kitchen and pantry from chaos to calm. I can't rave enough about how amazing she is. The best part is that I can continue to keep everything orderly on my own now thanks to her amazing organizing abilities, tips, and techniques. She doesn't just organize your house she organizes your life!"-Nina

"Life changer. When I walk into a room that Jennifer has organized I instantly feel relaxed and happy. Almost anyone can make a room look organized and pretty, but the difference with Room to Room is that it stays organized long after Jennifer has left. Her gift is finding the right spots for all of your belongings so that it makes sense and therefore easy to maintain. Her ability to source the correct containers and hardware is a gift. She is patient but firm about helping you decide what you need to keep, donate, consign and dump. I have not regretted anything I got rid of during her time with me. I highly recommend Room to Room. I am a repeat customer."-Mookie

"Both my bedroom and linen closets were organized by Room to Room, and it was pure magic! I could have never imagined the space in this way - we are just thrilled with the results."-Kelli

"Jen not only organizes rooms to perfection but, she is like a home psychologist who lifts the mental weight out of your home. She has organized my home from the playroom to the kitchen. I keep finding new places for her to work her magic. Five stars."-Daniela

"Jennifer was FABULOUS! When you accumulate so many things over time, it's hard to know where to begin. I learned from her that clutter represents unmade decisions and she guided me to make decisions to purge items I no longer needed. Her advice was spot-on as to what to hold on to and what to get rid of, and she helped me do just that. She is a great listener and conducted herself as a true professional. She worked within my budget and enhanced my household by creating systems for me to keep my kitchen and bills/paperwork organized. Furthermore, I found her to be very trustworthy, dependable, caring and a person of integrity. I feel this is of the utmost importance when you have someone in your household handling your personal items. I will absolutely be using her for future organization. If you need someone to help you get organized or want to give someone the gift of a friendly, outstanding professional organizer---call Jennifer!"-Nicole

"Jennifer is a true professional!! Excellent skills, consistent communication, great results— SUPER pleasant to deal with and fun to work with on a project!! I HIGHLY recommend her!!"-Bob

" can't recommend the services of Jen with Room to Room more highly. I initially hired her to help me with my bedroom closet. That bled into my home office, which lead to my kitchen. Before I knew it my son's legos were labeled and tamed and I could think again. Jen is a FAST worker and a sincere pleasure to work with. She never made me feel embarrassed about my disorganized spaces. A year later my home is still transformed. Thank you, thank you!"-Kira